Garcia Sports Foundation partnering with Gladway’s Children Centre

Garcia Sports Foundation partnering with Gladway’s Children Centre

I am excited to share with you how the Garcia Sports Foundation is working with others for the children of Kenya.   Recently Max, from GSF, visited with the founder of Gladway’s School.  He reported that the school has five classes and eight teachers.  Gladway’s was started to meet the needs of youth that were not being served by the public schools in Kenya.  Students learn in small rooms, share basic school supplies, and do not have a restroom.  This is why Garcia Sports Foundation is needed to supply mentorship, curriculum, and athletics.  

"Garcia Sport Foundation is a non-profit organization that is allied to FIKISHA Kenya, to reach kids from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  Through sports and education, Garcia's Sport Program offers the kids an opportunity to grow intellectually and spiritually, so they can reach out to their community and their families."

Funds for supplies are needed.  
Please visit our facebook page or website to donate 
and stand with the children of Kenya.

Max with the founder of Gladway's School.




Students at Gladway's

Children outside of school

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