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Essential Academic Vocabulary by Jesse Bluma

Essential Vocabulary

At certain points in school, while on the job, or simply following a recipe we all come across terms, directions, and content we struggle to understand.  If you are looking to improve your own skills, those of students, or employees, consider utilizing these essential vocabulary lists.  The lists include words that are key to unlocking information and the ability to follow directions.  

What is essential academic vocabulary?  These terms are frequently used words in and across subjects.  Understanding these terms provides a better understanding of subject matter, improves reading skills, improves the ability to follow directions, and provides connections across all subjects.  It is one of many educational tools.  The words are categorized by grade level and are only some examples. You may wish to add to, revise, or eliminate from the lists.  It is best to keep in mind the student and their individual needs with vocabulary choices.

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There are several strategies for increasing the number of essential terms you, your students, or employees know.  Visuals and realia, real objects, often are the best way to paint a clear picture of their meanings.  Get creative and share your ideas.

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