The Cabbage Patch Craze

They just pushed in like was ungodly!  

Nothing says the spirit of Christmas like pushing over your fellow (wo)man for a Cabbage Patch Kid.   

"I’ve been waiting since 7:00 out there...and I-I-I...They just pushed in like was ungodly!"   

The customer in the news video gives us all a chuckle, while giving us a reminder to remain in the spirit of Christmas.  

The original Cabbage Patch Kids were considered works of art, as each was individually stitched.  The production of the toy has changed hands with various companies over the years from Coleco to Hasbro, Mattel to Toys "R" Us, and Jakks Pacific Toy Company.  Artist Xavier Roberts conceived the idea for "Little People", later "Cabbage Patch Kids".

He went on to produce The Furskin Bears.  Cabbage Patch kids were an expensive and rare item.  My sister and I received one each when my family entered a raffle at a local business.  A radio station broadcast the names of raffle winners at every break.  Something around eight Cabbage Patch kids were raffled off.  I believe my sister got the first one and I got the last in the raffle.

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