The Spotlight Campaign: Courageous Individuals by Jesse Bluma

The Spotlight Campaign:  Courageous Individuals 


 Our ideas, our creations, our spirit, and our great actions have always been key.  I know what it’s like to create something, the hard work it takes to accomplish goals, and to stand with others.  I know with my readers we share an elevated approach to food, information, and inspiration.  Liberating food and taste is the mission.  It is a holistic approach to living well and freeing our taste in food and much more.  Pointe Viven reflects my spirit and its clients.  It is a dynamic community of liberating food and taste.

 Over the years it has been terrific to meet, spotlight, and feature creators, doers, and inspirational figures.  I know no matter where I am, where I visit, and with whom I meet I will learn something and be re-energized by their endeavors.  Each month join me in spotlighting the famous, the not so famous, the local celebrities, and those you believe have earned a thank you, a congratulations, and the recognition.

Each month a new theme will be chosen, so be thinking of those people you know exhibit the traits.  Often the trait is something not so measurable, rather it is shown through the mundane, certain instances, and moments that surprise you.  This is your opportunity to join me and take part in the campaign.

In April we celebrated masters of self-renewal.  Those that perpetually learn, reform, and refocus.  Those that self-assess and model the best in conscious living.

May:  This month we are spotlighting courageous individuals.  We are looking for those that exhibit a strong heart, inner strength, and zeal to stand with others.  This month let us celebrate those individuals making great strides in liberating their lives and the lives of others through courage.  Tell us the person you wish to spotlight and why.

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