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What to do in Community Unrest

What to do in Community Unrest

Great leadership is proactive, not destructive.   Violence, theft, looting, is not appropriate in response to the outcomes of trials, elections, or sporting events within free and open societies.  The rule of law is essential to keeping our communities strong and healthy.  We may have social disagreements, yet we must uphold the rights, freedoms, and safety of all.

 "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (Evelyn Beatrice Hall)

For example, the criminal activity following the decision of a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri to not indict a police officer after the fatal shooting of an 18 year old male does not help the case of those that disagree with the outcome, nor honor the lives of the officer and the 18 year old.   All involved must now face the consequences of injuries, lost property, lost businesses, and diminished property values, while the direct families involved must grieve.

We take away a few lessons from this case.  1.  Immediately report and call for police security if you live in a town or work in a city where tensions are instigated to the point of violence.  2.  Before joining in such criminal activity think about your purpose, what are you protesting?  Why are you thinking about committing criminal acts?  3.  Are you being manipulated or used in a political and/or social manner by community organizers that do not value your life?  Rather, they seek to instigate unrest for their own political goals and gains.  4.  Most importantly, seek personal health and wellness in your own mind, body, and soul.  Create the best family for yourself and be a model citizen for your children and others.

"Chaos in Ferguson: Looting, arson, gunshots"

"Surveillance video shows looters targeting ferguson market"

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