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Cookie Display Ideas by Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven

Cookie Display Ideas

A large cookie or dessert display makes an impact for any holiday party.  The time we take to slow down and carefully create something better for ourselves and others is an action that demonstrates we care and honor the occasion.  First, order your cookies from Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven, then take a little time and effort to plan out how you will showcase the goodies for you and your guests.

You have the cookies.  You have the tables and platters.  You have made the time.  Now how do you create the display?  The BUFF System, utilized in schools such as the Culinary Institute of America, makes use of the principles used in art and design.  You may remember the art terms such as movement, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern.  These same principles apply to how you cook and present baked goods.  The acronym BUFF is an essential memory tool for the home and professional chef.  B for balance.  U for unity.  F for focal point.  F for flow.

Balance:  The use of color, food combinations, garnishes, shapes, textures, portion sizes, and flavors in a thoughtful, effective, and exceptional manner.  

Unity:  The use of contrasts, negative and positive spacing, limited height, and consistent theme in a thoughtful, effective, and exceptional manner. 

Focal Point:  The use of a larger size food with smaller shaped foods, may add height and/or a spot of color in a thoughtful, effective, and exceptional manner. 

Flow:  The use of aesthetic and design principles to enhance the visual presentation, interest, and style of a dish; may utilize knife techniques, curved items, fanned items, and layering in a thoughtful, effective, and exceptional manner.

Given a party favor, such as Christmas cookies, and having guests put together their own boxes or bags makes for an excellent gift.  Assemble a buffet style of cookies with labels, tags, boxes, bags, string or twist ties, and pens.  Complement the table with Christmas decorations or other theme items.  Commemorate the occasion with photos of your cookie display to make handsome cards or images to share on social media.

Utilize a a mix of cookie types for a more casual appearance or create a more uniform and formal display using one type of cookie.  Cookies may be formed into a large tablescape display, placed on platters, jars, or tiered plates.  Keep in mind the BUFF acronym.  Balance the colors and shapes.  Make use of the positive and negative space on the table and platters.  Have a focal point that attracts the eye.  Ultimately, design your cookie display to have a visual flow and physical flow for guests to move around, see, and enjoy.

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