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Students Need More Than Physical Education by Jesse Bluma

Students need more than physical education
Pointe Viven - Jesse Bluma. All rights reserved.

     Pointe Viven's mission is to "liberate taste".  Viven is Spanish for living life.  Pointe Viven is for those that wish to experience living life with good taste in food and every other way.   Teaching children this same concept is important.

Please contact your state legislator and the governor to help improve education and
state spending of tax dollars.  Contact information is listed below.  A sample email letter is also below.

Contact Information

 Sample Email Letter

            "Students in California  rank 49th out of 50 in education (Thomas Mortenson).  28% of students in  California  are overweight and unfit (California Center  for Public Health Advocacy).  These statistics are realities, despite the enactment of state educational frameworks, standards, increased teacher qualifications, and state laws passed in the 1980s requiring 200 minutes of physical education every two weeks (Ed Codes 51210, 51222, and 51225.3).  Diet and nutrition plays the largest role in health, wellness, and weight loss, more than physical activity (Internal Medicine Journal). 

             California  has approximately 10,290 schools receiving Title One funds (West Ed).  Title One funds are federal tax dollars targeted for schools with large populations of migrant students with limited English proficiency.  Approximately 42% of schools in California are in Program Improvement (West Ed).  These schools are in Program Improvement, receiving intensive support, because students and student subgroups are not making 'Adequately Yearly Progress'.   

            We want what is in the best interest of all students, parents, families, and tax payers.  Time, energy, and resources should be shifted to improve student health and learning.  Please amend state law to require physical education to be 120 minutes/two weeks.  This will allow more time for the learning of health and nutrition.  Improved health and wellness will help students perform better in school and on state tests.  All schools will benefit, especially schools receiving Title One funds, schools in Program Improvement, 'pre-Title One', and 'pre-Program Improvement'.  Teachers and students across the state will have more time, energy, and resources to emphasize health education, English language instruction, parent education, and parental education.  This common goal will improve learning, health, and California’s educational rank."

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