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Natural Products: free of pollutants, fillers, and colors

I received a bottle of J.R. Watkins soap from my sister on my birthday.  The soap works well, with good cleaning power.  The design and idea goes back to a time when vinegar and water was the most common cleaning product.  If you have skin allergies this may be the product for you.  I noticed a bricks and mortar store is coming to my neighborhood, be on the look out for one in your area.  You can also see their products online.
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JR Watkins Home

Orange Citrus Natural Liquid Hand Soap
Article No. 23053

"Formulated with premium natural ingredients and essential oils, this hard-working, natural hand soap create a smooth lather of suds that rinse away, leaving your hands exceptionally clean and smooth. 
Gentle on hands
Watkins premium fragrance
Attractively packaged
Invigorating citrus scent."

J.R. Watkins

"Watkins has been on the forefront of innovative, natural product development for over 140 years.  Joseph Ray Watkins founded Watkins Incorporated in 1868 from the kitchen of his home in Plainview, Minn. Made from camphor (extracted from evergreen trees) and capsicum (from red peppers), Original Liniment offered relief for tired, aching muscles. J.R. Watkins was so confident of his home-manufactured natural product that he introduced the now famous Watkins "Trial Mark" bottle, along with the first-ever money back guarantee. "

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