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Should every city ban plastic bag use in retail stores?

Should every Orange County city consider a plastic bag ban?

by Nancy Luna, Staff Writer

Last night, the Huntington Beach City Council voted to pursue creating a law that would ban plastic grocery bags.  If approved, Huntington Beach shoppers would have to use reusable tote bags to carry their groceries in supermarkets — similar to a Long Beach law that went into effect Aug. 1.
In Long Beach, the ban is currently in place at large retail chains. Shoppers must bring their own tote bags, otherwise they face at 10-cent charge for every paper bag they use. Smaller chains will have to get rid of plastic bags in 2012, the law says.
What do you think? The comments are already flowing in on my Facebook page:
“I reuse all of my plastic bags also, and would end up buying plastic bags to replace them if the grocery stores didn’t offer them anymore…seems counterproductive.” — Tracey Tunstall Marcyan
“We should have the right to choose paper or plastic. I reuse plastic bags to clean up after my dog. I think the idea of banning them is ridiculous. If you aren’t going to reuse plastic then get paper.” — Laura Scher
“I really like the idea to ban plastic grocery bags, as I think it is a progressive idea and if Huntington Beach adopts the ordinance, it may encourage other local cities (many of which we share resources and facilities with) to take up the issue as well. One thing I think is key to the ordinance is the implementation. The city needs to look into how to best implement this, while not imposing a financial burden on the city or to the grocery stores themselves.” – Carrie Hawkins
“How do you keep a re-usable bag sanitized after you carry items that grow bacteria?” — DeeDee Santoyo
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Should every Orange County city ban plastic bag use in retail stores?
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Source:  OC Register


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