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What would you do with $1.1 million?

We need to prioritize before candidates spend billions on their campaigns, before we purchase tickets to games so that players can be paid millions, and before we buy expensive movie tickets so studios can pay millions to actors and actresses.  If you had 1.1 would you buy a campaign bus or help one of the following?

Feed 4,583,333.33 starving children. (

Provide household kits for 15,942.029 families of six in places like Ethiopia, including water containers, cooking set, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, jerry can, bucket, soap, and aquatabs to purify enough water for a month.  (

Save 39,285.7143 children. (

Provide 78,571.4286 school supply kits to children in war-stricken areas. (

Build 169.230769 water wells for schools and communities to serve hundreds of students and their families in Africa. (

Send 109.507218 students to safer, better schools in the United States. (

Buy 244,444.444 boxes of tea to support Fair Trade.  (

Send 507,692.308 cookies to support the military. (

Send 5,789.47368 Boy Scouts to camp.  (

Purchase 11,000 sets of bedding for children that have been abused. (

Sponsor 2,750 abused and abandoned horses. (

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Post your comments, solutions, and outstanding ideas below.

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