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Christopher Dylan Herbert: endBeginning by New York Polyphony

Christopher Dylan Herbert:  endBeginning by New York Polyphony
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I recently talked with Christopher Hebert about his album endBeginning.

If you are a teacher or student of history you may be interested in this hard to find music of the Middle Ages.  Each year I run a Renaissance faire with my students, which gives me the idea this could be played at a Middle Ages faire or party.  Cook up some 16th century foods, costumes, games, and have a fun time.  As a teacher I am always looking for realia, real life items that bring better understanding.  The album endBeginning includes the baritone voice of Christopher Hebert of New York Polyphony.  Christopher is a studied musician, Middle East expert, and happens to be the nephew of Martha Stewart.  I may not always agree with his politics, although I do appreciate now having something great to share with my students.

"New York Polyphony has assembled a programme of sacred vocal music composed largely by Franco-Flemish composers active in the first half of the 16th century, exploring from a number of perspectives the themes of grief, loss and mortality.
This music was produced during a volatile period in European history, a time punctuated by religious persecution, destructive war-fare, and repeated outbreaks of plague and famine. Death was an ever-present and inescapable companion even for the most privileged members of society.
Music played a vital role in helping people cope with the feelings of sadness, loss and anger over death, whether through the raw expression of personal grief in a devotional lament, or the more reserved expression of collective grief found in music intended to accompany a formal liturgical ceremony."  (

"endBeginning was recorded October 2010 in the superb acoustics of the 14th century church of Länna, Sweden."

You may purchase endBeginning at  
If you have a Mac, then you probably will want to download the MP3 version.  

If you have a Mac, you will probably have to get the free StuffIt Expander to open and play the album file.

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