Take the Flu and Cold Pledge

 The Flu and Cold Pledge

I (state your name)
solemnly and sincerely pledge myself

1.  Eat right.

2.  Sleep enough.

4.  Practice relaxation techniques.

5.  Cough and sneeze into my sleeve and not my hands.

6.  Wash my hands before touching my face or eating.

7.  Use hand sanitizer.

8.  Avoid door handles and high-fives.

9.  Not share pencils, drinks, make-up, hats, or hair brushes.

10.  Resist airplane water, seat pockets, tray tables, pillows, food, and lavatories.

11.  Spray hotel rooms I stay in from top to bottom with disinfectant.

12.  Wash my hands after handling mail.

13.  Clean my cell phone, home phone, and work phone on a regular basis.

14.  Wash my hands after handling money, coins, and credit cards.

15.  Will stay home at first signs of illness, rather than infecting others at work, school, church, and holiday parties--even if that means I miss out on a good time.  It's the Golden Rule.

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