My Physical Activity Incentive Chart by Jesse Bluma

My Physical Activity Incentive Chart

What we all know...

Exercise controls weight
Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
Exercise improves mood
Exercise boosts energy
Exercise promotes better sleep
Exercise can be fun
Core exercises build abs and other core muscles
Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms
Strengthen your heart
Keep your arteries clear
Stay active and independent as you age
Live longer
Consult with your doctor
Walk before you run
Do what you love
Find a workout friend
Change up your routine

What we need reminding...

Consistency is key and returning to physical fitness is essential.

Our own bad habits, mental and physical health conditions, and images we see in media have an impact on our consistency.  When we see actors, athletes, and models in media they often are presented looking their best.  Or shall we say computer graphics best.  Digital retouchers use computer technology in photos and video to alter photos into a “perfect” image.  It is healthiest to keep this in mind at all times and maintain a good standard of what is best.

We all have goals related to physical health and wellness.  Among these could be to improve body image, avoid following unhealthy eating behaviors, making healthy food choices, and being physically active every day.

Starting each day with a healthy perspective enables us to face challenges and be sure in the choices we make when we are eating alone, with friends, coworkers, or family.  Over time this mental lifting of weights, making good steps, will go a long way in your ability to have a fit body.  Including friends and family that share your interest in working out is beneficial, as the synergy you create will keep each other in various activities and keep you encouraged to exercise.  

Take a moment to reflect upon your values, the ideas you hold close, that will be the center of what gets you physically fit.  

Then think, write, or type out a plan.  Set out the small acts.

Additionally, evaluate your actions.  Mark your calendar every week, two weeks, or a month to check in with yourself on a perpetual basis.  This time is for revising, editing, and adjusting your actions and perspective.  You may even find yourself setting more goals.  Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are related and will influence your choices and consistency.    

My current routine consists of five parts:  warm-up, stretch (triceps, squats, lunges, remembering to breathe, et cetera), get heart rate up (jump rope, jogging in place, circuit training, et cetera), cool-down (stretching quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, triceps, shoulders, core, back, et cetera), and cardiovascular (treadmill, elliptical, bodyweight alternating lunges, jumping-jacks, squat thrusts, explosive pushups, et cetera).  Throughout the week and sometimes daily:  abdominal, jogging, long hiking, and weights.  Over the years I have taken a kickboxing session here and there as well.

Do what activities you enjoy and make them as enjoyable as possible.  Do not fool yourself or allow others to fool you.  Life is challenging, especially life when working out.  Look online for free videos to watch and follow along with those.  Music can be a great way to distract you from the boredom or difficulty of working out.  Make a list of rewards that will incentivize you, this could be going to your favorite place, making your favorite meal, or simply putting a star on a chart showing off your accomplishment.

School, bible study, brushing your teeth and a whole lot more are not things we always want to do.  We must do them though, as we know they are important to our life and well being.  If you do not exercise, if you sabotage your diet with soda, lots of processed foods, drugs, alcohol, and emotionally bad habits, then do not complain you are not at a healthy weight or able to do certain physical activities.  Find a way.  Take your dog for a walk, take a ball, have fun with your canine companion.  This is one way to get started.  Consult a doctor too, especially if you have health conditions.  You have spent the time reading this article as a reminder to yourself, that is another good sign.  Keep that momentum going.  

What did you learn?  Please share your thoughts and tips for better fitness.

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