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Talking Turkey with Martha Stewart by Jesse Bluma

Talking Turkey with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, held a live talk in her Bedford kitchen as she prepared for her own Thanksgiving party of 43.  Bedford, New York is steeped in history with the original American Indian tribe calling it home until the selling of the area to Puritans in 1680.  The town is situated north of New York city, approximately a one hour drive.  Bedford is one of a few hamlets in the region, neighboring Katonah and Beford Hills.  The area is characterized by historic buildings, village architecture, hiking trails, and equestrianism.  

Joining Martha Stewart in the kitchen was Thomas Joseph and Sarah Carey.  

Thomas Joseph's story is a good one to share for those interested in entering the world of cuisine.  He attended New York University and Johnson and Wales University.  His career includes being an assistant food stylist for “Rescue Chef”, working as a freelance food stylist for  the "Today" show, and is a T.V. Chef/Food Stylist for Martha Stewart.  

Sarah Carey is well established in the culinary world as the Food Editor of Martha Stewart Living, co-authoring cookbooks, and through her own radio show.

On Martha’s Thanksgiving Menu:  Roast Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing, Spatchcocked Turkey and Chestnut Stuffing, Parchment Turkey and Brioche and Butternut Squash Stuffing, Cornbread Turkeys, Cranberry-Pomegranate Gelatin.  She skillfully showed how to prepare each turkey with its own tray and variety of ingredients.  Martha suggested using fresh turkeys, as opposed to the frozen grocery store kind.  The idea of having a spatchcocked turkey, a turkey that is butchered by splitting it open and removing the backbone to flatten it out, is an excellent method to reduce cooking time.

I asked Martha for some suggestions to serve on Thanksgiving as appetizers and side dishes.  She recommended oysters on the half shell, cheese straws, leak and spinach timbales (a French term meaning a small, round portion of food that has been well minced or puréed), ROE caviar from California sturgeon, and apple sauce.  I like the idea of timbales best.  Martha also prepared a refreshing sounding cocktail, created with a sugar rim, cider, blood orange, lemon, bourbon, stirred, and garnished with a slice of tangelo. 

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  1. You really shared amazing ideas for thanksgiving party. Well it seems that Martha is a perfect cook and a good party planner. Hey can you suggest me also some ideas for a perfect menu for a birthday party. Earlier I was booking LA venue, but now I am arranging party at home only as the venue was not available on the day. Please help.

    1. That is terrific of you to host a birthday party. Hosting a party is a big responsibility, as you know. A tablescape of gourmet goodies is one way to make the party pop. Adorn a large table filled with Firework Cupcakes. This will spark all attention as guests enter and serve as decoration. (Order here: Also, make a few homemade items and purchase a few others. That will keep the party more manageable. Additionally, it's alway smart to mail invitations and follow up through phone or text. Keep me posted on how it goes! Thank you, Jesse



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