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Chris Ryff Medical Donation Fund

Chris Ryff Medical Donation Fund
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Chris Ryff is a fraternity brother of mine, from the the Epsilon Xi chapter.  Although I don't know Chris personally and we were not in the same chapter together, I heard about his story.  Chris' health is not good.  "Chris Ryff is a father of a 2 year old boy, a devoted husband, a much loved son, a loyal brother and a good friend to so many.  He is also fighting a battle against stage IV breast cancer in which time is not on his side.  Chris has identified a potentially life saving treatment called Personalized Gene Targeted Therapy at the Burzynski Clinic in Texas, which he believes is his best option at this stage of the disease.  We estimate that the cost of treatments, travel to the clinic and lost wages during this time could be around $60,000."

Please visit the Chris Ryff blog for more information and to donate.  If you choose the WePay donation link from his blog page you will first need to register with WePay and confirm your registration via an email from WePay.  Then on his donation page type in the dollar amount, don't try to delete or backspace the preset zeroes.  

* Update:  I am saddened to report that Chris passed away 7/7/2013.  
You can make a donation to his son's college fund.

Click here to donate.

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