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Justification to have a treat: Churned Creamery Review by Jesse Bluma

Justification to have a treat:  Churned Creamery

Justification to have a treat.  It is time to splurge when presented with ice cream that is well made, with quality ingredients, and with a good variety of flavors.  Churned Creamery has the heart of a 19th century ice cream parlor, contemporary sensibilities, and the nature of a restaurant.  Ice creams, sorbets, bakery items, and beverages are the menu with flavors such as green mint, California pistachio, and chocolate.  The wide variety of candy toppings, fresh fruit, flaky croissants, and gooey sauces is eye-catching.

The star on the menu is the CroCream.  Yes, a scoop of ice cream nestled inside a soft croissant with a choice of toppings, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and sauce.  These are in-house baked croissants that stand up to melted ice cream.  Insider tip:  if stopping in at Churned Creamery later in the day, ask for a fresh baked croissant or cone.

Options include single, double, or triple scoop.

Homemade Tahitian vanilla waffle cone, waffle bowl, or brownie bowl.

CroCream or CroCream with up to three toppings.

Ice cream:  dolce latte, Dutch chocolate, Irish mint, OREO, Salted Butter Caramel, and more.

Sorbets:  blood orange, mango, pineapple, and strawberry.

Toppings:  chocolate chips, toffee, jelly beans, nuts, fruits, cereals, cookies, and more.

Drizzles:  caramel, dark chocolate, Nutella, strawberry, and white chocolate.

Also, consider ordering a drink or item to-go, such as a milkshake, root beer float, handcrafted affogatos (ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso), or pint of ice cream.

The quality ingredients and technical equipment are the magic within the ice cream shop, by way of local and global sources, such as California dairy and equipment from Italy.  Approach the counter and be mesmerized by the ice cream churning in small batches.  The result of this small batch process is an extremely smooth ice cream, flavorful sorbets, and fun toppings.  The ability to customize orders gives customers a bounty of flavor combinations to play with, experiment with, and enjoy.  Kids, and the kids at heart, love to mix flavors and toppings.  

Churned Creamery serves ice cream that is very rich and creamy in texture because it has a higher ratio of ingredients to base in comparison to traditional ice cream.  That means the ice cream freezes at a lower temperature point and the outcome is a stronger and more prominent flavor.  Italian sorbet machines are key to this craftsmanship and ice cream making process at  Churned Creamery.

Freezer full of hand-packed fresh ice cream choices.

Pineapple Sorbet

Anna Blackman, the founder and chef of Churned Creamery, attended Gelato School in Italy.  Through hard work and great skill Blackman developed the recipes for the ice creams, sorbets, and pastries.  Her concept of an ice cream parlor is well established in tradition, good taste, and modern technology.  

“We believe the three most important elements to good ice cream are:  
Quality Ingredients, Preparation, Technique, Creative Passion.  We are 
committed to serving ice cream and other frozen dessert treats using 
fresh, natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect 
the environment and create positive social impact in our communities.  
Our unique ability to integrate state of the art technology and challenge 
old notions of the classic ice cream allows us to offer customers a unique 
and decadent ice cream experience.  Our Customers Will Always Find, 
Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream, Fresh Fruit, Simple Ingredients, Healthy Alternatives. 
and Non-Dairy Options.”

There are numerous dining options in Orange County, California.  Each of the cities, from Fullerton to Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa to Laguna Niguel, has a multitude of restaurants for good eats.  Here is where my expert knowledge of cooking, restaurants, and trusted expertise comes in handy.  Many readers rely on Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven as a source for how-to and where-to regarding cookery, culture, and community.  Stop in at Churned Creamery for a delicious dessert.


1.  Churned Creamery Tustin, Union Market at The District, 2493 Park Avenue #21, Tustin, California 92782.  Across from Whole Foods.  Other locations include Cypress, Irvine, Murrieta, Conoga Park, Yorba Linda, and Temecula.  This location is near shopping, businesses, universities, and more.  Easily accessible by taxi or car service.  Parking is available within the lot.

2.  Peak times occur on weekends and nights.  Arrive early to secure a table on the front patio.  Go on your own, take a friend, or go with your family for a celebratory treat.  

3.  Consider the following menu items.

CroCream with three toppings:  a soft croissant with a scoop of chocolate ice cream (or flavor of choice), powdered sugar, and caramel drizzle (or drizzle of choice), topped with sliced strawberries and bananas (or other toppings)

Ice cream:  whiskey and cream (well balanced flavor and a favorite)

Ice cream:  dolce latte (robust flavor and another favorite)

Sorbet:  pineapple (be transported to a tropical escape —light and refreshing)

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Credit:  churnedcreamery .com/, instagram. com/ churnedcreamery

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