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Veterans Day: Send Treats to the Troops--Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation

Veterans Day:  Send Treats to the Troops 
Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation

Please support the children of fallen members of the military and law enforcement.  The personal stories of triumph, hard work, and genuine achievement do not always make headline news.  Yet, we can do many things to provide relief and honor the lives of our finest.

"We are reminded that freedom is not free. The price is great. No one knows that better than the left-behind sons and daughters of America’s fallen heroes.  This assistance was primarily rendered to children of Marines or Federal law enforcement personnel who were killed on duty or died under extraordinary circumstances while serving our country at home or abroad. These funds enable us to provide these children with scholarships for their higher education.

When a child of a United States Marine is afflicted with a physical or mental disability and requires special medical equipment or tutoring, our Foundation may grant financial assistance to that family if their personal insurance does not cover the complete cost of treatment for this child.  In the past, the Foundation also included in our program the children who lost a parent from all agencies killed in the murderous attack on the Pentagon.

We also decided to go back and give our bonds to children who lost a parent on the USS Cole; the children of the Air Force personnel killed at Khobar Towers; and, with great honor, the twelve children who lost their parent on the space shuttle Columbia disaster.  This assistance has had a positive, life-changing effect on many, many children. We are thankful for the commitment and support of our many members and volunteers."

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