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Mushroom Chow Chow Sandwiches with Betha’s Best Home Canned Goods by Jesse Bluma

Mushroom Chow Chow Sandwiches

My Aunt Rosemary recently sent me a jar of chow chow from Betha’s Best Home Canned Goods.  Betha’s kitchen is near Waxahachie, Texas and about 30 miles south of Dallas.  My aunt also sent me one of Betha’s jellies, something I have used on pancakes and lots of other things.  After tasting the chow chow from Betha I got the idea to make these sandwiches for Labor Day at the beach.  Flavorful, light, yet satisfying.  These sandwiches were a hit.  


Whole grain thin sandwich rolls
Organic mushroom portobello caps
Reduced fat Swiss cheese
Organic yellow mustard
Chow Chow (green tomato relish)
Fine sea salt


 1.  Strain chow chow in a coffee filter or fine sieve.  
 2.  Slice mushroom caps into 1” strips (or 25.4 mm).
 3.  Grill mushroom strips on an indoor electrically-heated grill.
 4.  Slice sandwich rolls into halves.
 5.  Toast both sides of each sandwich roll half in a pan.
 6.  While in pan toasting place one slice of Swiss cheese on one of the slices of bread.
 7.  Spread a thin layer of mustard on each half.
 8.  Place two strips of grilled mushroom on one of the slices of bread.
 9.  Sprinkle sea salt on the mushrooms.
  10.  Dollop the mushrooms with chow chow.
  11.  Close sandwich and enjoy!

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