Real Actors Read Yelp: The Olive Garden with Ashlie Atkinson

Real Actors Read Yelp
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Jabbering dramatics is a natural human ability.   Food is perhaps one of the greatest sparks to ignite our stomachs and minds wheeling.  Yelp is an online service providing posts of customer reviews and recommendations.  It was created by two former PayPal software engineers, Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons.  The people at Gotta Kid To Feed Productions scoured the Yelp reviews and produced a series of actor readings of actual restaurant reviews posted on Yelp.  My favorite is #7, “The Olive Garden” read by Ashlie Atkinson.

Real Actors Read Yelp™ #7:  The Olive Garden, New York City

Real Actors Read Yelp™ #6:  Abuelitas Mexican Restaurant 

Real Actors Read™ Yelp #12:  Four Points by Sheraton of Long Island

Real Actors Read Yelp™ -- Bonus:  El Sombrero 

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