Rent-A-Rican Commercial with Nino Alicea

Rent-A-Rican Commercial

Are your social gatherings getting you down?  Your Rican can teach you exotic dances, how to do rum shots, insulin shots, and the art of seduction! 
(Warning:  Video content not appropriate for all)

"Rent-A-Rican" has become a popularly watched video on the Internet.  This is an accomplishment against a lot of competition, as thousands of videos are posted online everyday.  My friend Nino Alicea and the other actors in the video make us think about how we perceive Puerto Ricans and ourselves.

A lesson in oversimplification couched in humor.  All too often we oversimplify what we choose to see in others, in the mirror, and how we see the world.  Generalizing that caucasians host boring parties or that Puerto Ricans are entertainment does no one any favor.

See the second Rent-A-Rican episode.
You will see me in that one.  Very fun to make!

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