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DALLAS: Those Larry Hagman Blues by Howls

DALLAS:  Larry Hagman Blues by Howls

"Dallas debuted on April 2, 1978, as a five-part miniseries on the CBS network.  Producers initially had no plans for expansion; however, due to the show's popularity, it was subsequently turned into a regular series and broadcast for 13 full seasons, from September 23, 1978, to May 3, 1991.  In 2010, TNT announced it would order a pilot for the continuation of the Dallas series.  

The new series is a continuation of the old series following a 20-year break, during which the characters and their relationships continued unseen until today.  Dallas on TNT first aired on June 13, 2012.  On November 23, 2012, Larry Hagman (who played J.R. Ewing) died of acute myeloid leukemia."  

Texas and Dallas are not exactly as seen on television.  Overall, Texans are friendly and and helpful.  There are many great aspects to the state, including the music scene, restaurants, historical sites, horseback riding, and more.  One exciting place is Southfork Ranch, home to the fictitious Ewing clan.  Note of warning:  if you take the tour do not expect the interior to look the same as the original nor continuation series.  Interior shots were done in studio.

Howls "Hammock":  Larry Hagman Blues

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