Stivii Chocolate Bar Review by Jesse Bluma

Stivii Chocolate Bar Review by Jesse Bluma

What a delicious opportunity.  I was recently asked to review the Stivii line of chocolates.  I appreciate the company's roots, as family owned, utilizing sustainable plants, and their focus on quality.  Stivii creates sweeteners and chocolates with stevia rebaudiana, an herb native to South America, and cocoa trees that are grown on sustainable farms and UTZ certified.  An arduous task and inspection process.  UTZ is a non-profit organization founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  (Utz Kapeh or “UTZ” originates from a language of the Maya, Quiché, meaning “Good Coffee”.)

“Our team is committed to making the world’s sweet tooth a little smarter. We provide a healthy and great tasting product line without using sugar or artificial sweeteners. We use Stevia, a zero calorie sweetener, which is naturally extracted from the Stevia plant.  Made with only the finest ingredients, including 55% cacao, the chocolates can satisfy any sweet tooth while providing 25% fewer calories than traditional dark chocolate products. The Stivii line of Swiss quality chocolates is dairy and soy free, vegan, high in fiber, and some are made with real fruit pieces instead of juice powders or artificial flavors.”

I taste tested an assortment of Stivii chocolates, including the Original Dark Chocolate, White Peach Dark Chocolate, and Blueberry Almond Dark Chocolate.  These confections are lightly sweetened and made with Swiss quality chocolate.  These chocolate bars are light and smooth in texture, not oily, heavy, overly bold, or chemically tasting.  

Pick up the Original Dark Chocolate, my personal favorite, and snap off one square at a time.  

Or grate a bit of the bar into a cup of hot coffee.

Another way to enjoy the bars is to slightly melt, sprinkle with some crushed salted pistachio pieces, then allow to cool before eating.  

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Credit:  Stivii Press Release 

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