Roasted Fish and Kimchi Potatoes with Arugula: Martha and Marley Spoon Review

Roasted Fish and Kimchi Potatoes with Arugula

Absolutely, positively, indubitably better than takeout.

This is a brilliant, quick, and spicy as you like it meal.  Martha and Marley Spoon delivers recipes and ingredients to your door, “Technology allows us to become your local greengrocer, butcher and fishmonger.  Or at least it gives us the opportunity to reconnect you with the core values of knowing where your food comes from.  Building relationships with sustainable suppliers ensures that we are a lot more than just an online shop.”

My trial of the meal kit service was first-class.  The recipes were enjoyable, plentiful, and  tasty.  The online ordering, pre-portioned ingredients, chilled box, and recipe cards are smartly designed and based on Martha Stewart's techniques.  A must order whether it’s dinner for one or more. 

The Roasted Fish and Kimchi Potatoes with Arugula was remarkably flavorful and simply created on one baking sheet.  Kimchi, a cabbage that has been fermented, brought excellent flavor and spice to the smashed potatoes.  Utilizing an ingredient such as kimchi is one way to liberate your palate from the doldrums of other tired, overused ingredients.  Martha and Marley Spoon provides terrific opportunities for customers to discover new items and explore various cuisines.


pollock fillet (species of the cod family)

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