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salty chocolate peanut bar
candied peanuts, sea salt, caramel, peanut butter gelato 

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Tired of the chain restaurants?  Akasha is a unique place to eat and have a specialty drink.  I have been three times and enjoyed the food and service.  

I had the coffee & chile rubbed Flat Iron STEAK
paso prime grass fed beef, corn puree, potato gnocchi, 
grilled beets, niman ranch bacon.  The steak was prepared well, the coffee added a depth of flavor while the chile slowly and subtly came forward.  Fried gnocchi (Italian dumplings named after wood knots) is not an everyday food; however, their soft texture is a good combination with the rest of this dish. 

The photo above is from my birthday dessert, salty chocolate peanut bar, candied peanuts, sea salt, caramel, peanut butter gelato.  The chocolate is rich and the gelato has a great flavor.  You might want to share this one.  

The Akasha and Emerald City are two of their popular house cocktails that I like.  

- Make a reservation a week or two in advance (for after happy hour).  
- Arrive early for parking (valet or bring change for the meter).
- Before notifying the staff of your arrival, head to the bar.  Happy hour drink prices are good only at the bar, despite the close proximity of the tables.  My one suggestion to the management was to change this practice.  

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