How to Make a Christmas Card Tree by Jesse Bluma

How to Make a Christmas Card Tree

Place Christmas cards you receive on your Christmas tree in the dining room, living room, office, or other location.  Fold cards over the branches or hole punch, string, and loop through onto the branches.  More than one tree and trees of various sizes makes for an excellent scene.   For example, a tree of four feet tall on the dining room table and a full size tree in the living room is a cheerful look.  Artificial trees, rather than fir, spruce, or pine trees are a terrific option if you or loved ones have allergies.  

Shop for a quality artificial tree on sale after the holiday.  Before you purchase an artificial tree make sure to make room to store it.  Go through your belongings, toss, donate, or give away items you do not need nor use.  That is the one thing in, one thing out rule.


Placing cards on a tree is a memorable way to display them--as each arrives in the mail add it to your tree.  Collect your favorite cards over the years and easily store them in a container to reuse.  If you have more than one tree, one tree could be a collection of cards from family members, another tree those from friends, and another tree with your favorite cards of pictures you like such as landmarks, cars, animals, et cetera.

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