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Tips for Breakfast in Bed by Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven

Tips for Breakfast in Bed

If you are seeking to give someone a special treat or to treat yourself, why not make a dynamic meal to eat in bed?  

1.  The most overlooked detail may be the bed.  The right bed provides great sleep and will act as your breakfast table.  I recently discovered Boltz, the maker of steel beds, tables, shelving, and other furniture items.  I like their Classic and W style beds.

2.  The other overlooked detail is the mattress and boxspring.  You need a quality night's sleep to enjoy Saint Valentine's Day morning.  Dad needs to sleep on a comfortable mattress to have a good Father's Day.  The kids need the best sleep environment to achieve enough hours of sleep.  

When choosing my mattress I started long before purchasing one.  I kept a log of mattresses I slept on at various hotels.  Testing a bed at a mattress showroom is not always enough.  Getting the opportunity to sleep on a mattress for a few nights gave me a better idea of what I liked and didn't like.  I then decided on a Sealy.

3.  Another excellent tip is to get a mattress encasing to help prevent dust mites.  No one wants dust mites for breakfast. 

4.  New bedding and pillows is another way to make this an extra special event.  Make your pillows or get the kids to make mom a pillow.  Plan ahead to visit stores, such as Marshalls, to find new bedding and revisit a few times as new merchandise arrives.

5.  A nice tray that is large enough and has a lip is necessary to precent spillage when serving breakfast.  Remember to include utensils and a cloth napkin.  

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