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Storage Solution: The Linear Shelf Solution

Storage Solution:  The Linear Shelf Solution
Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven. All rights reserved.

Storage conundrums be gone.  Storage issues can arise after purchasing a new bed, rearranging furniture, moving into a new home, et cetera.  If a place is needed to keep items next to a bed, in an entry, or home office, a linear shelf by Uncommon Green or other source can be an excellent choice.

 "Clean.  Functional.  The Key Shelf provides a simple place to stash your stuff.  Slots for your keys and charger, and enough shelf space for your wallet and phone.  The minimal design looks great anywhere you want it.  The Linear has three straight slots from the left hand side of the shelf, the shelf measures 10" long and 5" deep and mounts to the wall with two anchors." (

Install the linear shelf using a ruler for measuring, level for balance, pencil to mark the holes, two ribbed plastic anchors, two screws, and a screwdriver (items not included with shelf).  The shelf is a perfect substitute for a bedside table.  Large enough for a small alarm clock, a glass of water, a pencil, and small pad of paper for those 2 A.M. bursts of ideas.  The linear shelf would also make a good addition in an office, bathroom, or garage.

Linear shelving and storage options are vital to organization, utilizing space efficiently, and overcoming storage conundrums.  The linear shelf above, by theUncommonGreen (, is an excellent buy.  As you look around your home, garage, or office, see what other uses you may have for linear shelving.  This minimalistic and mathematically good idea for storage shelving originates with Euclid; he lived in Greece, was a mathematician, and defined linear as "breadthless length".  Putting our mathematical skills together with creative products can solve most every storage challenge.

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