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Is it worth getting a carpet cleaner?

Hoover Steamvac
Pointe Viven - Jesse Bluma. All rights reserved.

Is it worth getting a carpet cleaner?  Yes, if you are looking to extend the life of your carpet, looking to save money, or willing to spend the time yourself to make your carpet look better.  I purchased my steamvac about six years ago.  Living at beach the first time I used it a lot of sand was pulled up.  That was a surprise.  Be prepared the first time, it will take longer if the carpets have never been cleaned.  You will be amazed at what comes out, despite regular vacuuming.  Deep cleaning the carpet is good for all, especially those with allergies.  Use the machine once to twice a year, if you have allergies you may wish to wear a mask or ask someone else to do the cleaning.  

The Hoover steamvac I bought beat commercial companies and the rentable machines in the areas of  ease of use, cost, and effectiveness (model F914-900).  This version also tested better than other brands and may be used on carpets, upholstery, and tile floors.

Tips for Using Steamvac

- Vacuum prior to using, move rugs and other items--do this the day before

- It takes about 30-60 minutes per room to clean with the steamvac--one person could do about 1,000 sqft in a day

-  Lighten the load and have family members each take a room

-  It is a good idea to use once to twice a year during spring and summer cleaning--avoid using during the fall and winter cold days for better drying

-  You may wish to clean half the space one day, so you have dry areas to walk on and then the next day clean the other half

-  This is a Zen activity, especially in an culture obsessed with instant gratification.  Wear earphones and listen to your favorite music, this is a slow paced chore.

-  When using the steamvac push forward, press the button to release the cleaning solution,
pull back slowly like a turtle to dry the area.

-  Always be sure to check that the cleaning process you choose is compatible with the warranty on your carpet

-  Don’t dump the dirty water that is sucked out of the carpet down any sinks

-  If your Hoover Steamvac stops sucking back up the water it is likely due to improper closing of the lid on the tank.  Take off the lid and put it back on, making sure to form a tight seal.  The other reason it stops working is that the tank is full and needs to be dumped out (not down a drain that will clog).

* Downside:  This machine is plastic, as with most others.  On accident I chipped a small piece of the corner guard, although the machine is still very usable.  The only metal machines I have seen are  expensive professional models.

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