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How to Improve Allergy Symptoms
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  Allergies are an abnormal condition of the immune system.  Our immune systems are made up of cells and organs in our bodies that usually keep us healthy and clear of infections.  Those of us with allergies or that will some day develop allergies have immune systems that overreact to allergens.  

Allergens spark reactions to substances outdoors and indoors, such as pet dander, food, pollen, dust, milk, hay, chemicals, drugs, smoke, smog, feathers, and wool.  Symptoms can include sneezing, eye irritation, scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy skin, fever   Allergies are an inherited tendency through genetics, although not everyone that inherits the genes will become allergic.

Proactive Measures for the Home

1.  Encase pillows and mattress with allergy reducing covers.

2.  Install wood floors; carpeting is a home to dust mites.   

3.  Reduce clutter; make minimalism your friend.  

4.  Think twice before having a pet or keep pets outdoors.  

5.  Keep a lid on all trash baskets in the house.  

6.  Wear a mask when vacuuming.  

7.  Purchase a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets.

Proactive Diet Measures 

1.  Eat clear soups on a regular basis to keep the nasal passages clear.

2.  Eat fish a few days a week to reduce inflammation in the body.

3.  Eat peaches, grapes, apples, cherries, pears, garlic, and onions regularly to keep nasal passages clear.  

4.  Eat foods high in vitamin C, such as berries, potatoes, tomatoes, and kale.

5.  Drink warm high quality tea each day.  

6.  Include ginger and spices in your cooking, this may help with seasonal allergies.  

7.  Drink milk and eat good quality yogurt to increase your intake of vitamin D, this may improve your asthma symptoms. 

8.   Drink water every day to filter out allergens from your body.

9.  Eat foods with vitamin E, such as whole grain oats, whole wheat bread, and popcorn.  

Allergy Resources

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

KidsHealth:  The Nemours Foundation

Mayo Clinic



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