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Mastering the Art of Staying Cool

Mastering the Art of Staying Cool

During summer months, on warmer days, and in warmer climates it can be challenging to stay cool and in a good disposition.  Air conditioning and electric fans are two excellent options, although there are some other brilliant options as well.  AC can be expensive and not all homes have a good energy saving design.  According to the Mayo Clinic, heatstroke is caused by “exposure to a hot environment.  In a type of heatstroke, called nonexertional or classic heatstroke, being in a hot environment leads to a rise in body temperature.”  Another type of of heatstroke is brought on strenuous activity, “exertional heatstroke is caused by an increase in body temperature brought on by intense physical activity in hot weather.”  Liberate yourself from the heat and stay cool with these tips.

1.  Change bedding to sheets made with cotton or linen.  These materials breathe “better than oil-based synthetic fabrics.”

2.  Close the curtains, shades, or blinds.  The Department of Energy reports, “medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gains by 33%.”

3.  Eat cool foods and serve cool drinks.  Bright, refreshing, spicy, cold foods and drinks can make you cooler.  Watermelon pizza, salads, and peppers can cool the core of the body.  Avoid foods that increase body temperature, such as fats, ice cream, rice, and alcohol.  Water and cold drinks are a better option to lower the body temperature.  Get creative.  Making cold brew coffee or coffee ice cubes is another option to consider. 

4.  This is war!  Water balloon tosses are a fun way to keep cool as well.  Fill a baby bath or kiddie pool with water balloons and set the ground rules before the game begins.  And prepare for some good-natured fun.

5.  Pets are family too.  Make sure dogs, cats, and other pets stay cool as well.  This means changing walking times for dogs, having fun with the water hose for Fido too, and keeping pets cool with fans and air conditioning.  

6.  Be proactive.  Make some home improvements.  This can include new windows and doors, planting trees (using careful landscape design to prevent structural and plumbing damage), and installing electric outlet and switch sealers.  

7.  Invest in a quality fan.  There are a variety of fans, including air circulators, blowers, box, desktop and table, high velocity, outdoor, pedestal, personal, tower, wall, ceiling, and window fans.  Not all fans are created equal, so it is necessary to research the features and customer ratings before making a purchase.


The Lasko 42" Wind Curve Platinum Cooling fan is an excellent fan to provide an indoor breeze during those hot days.  Features include a wind curve profile, oscillating movement, remote control, three speed settings, ionizer, adjustable louvers, and timer.  An easy and effective way to create a more comfortable indoor climate.  

Lasko made a name for themselves during the mid-1900s with their turquoise fan.  “Lasko Metal Products was founded in 1906 by Mr. Henry Lasko in Philadelphia.  Lasko has been engineering and building great-looking, high performance home comfort products in the U.S. and around the world for more than 100 years.  The company has grown to an international organization and market leader in portable fans and ceramic heaters including room fans, high velocity fans, ceramic, low-profile heaters and many more.”

Disclaimer: no payment was accepted for editorial coverage.

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