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Bake Pies, Make People Happy by Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven

Bake Pies, Make People Happy.

"In many ways, home cooking is even more creative than what chefs do, because we improvise. We also have the fun of cooking together with our children or with friends. And there is a satisfaction of giving pleasure and comfort to others with something we have cooked ourselves."
-Marion Cunningham

Marion Cunningham was responsible for revising The Fannie Farmer Cookbook and she wrote her own cookbooks, such as Learning to Cook.  Despite an extremely challenging childhood, Cunningham graduated school, got married, became a housewife and mother, and later in life became an accomplished cook, earning a position with famed cookbook author James Beard.  

Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, or any day for that matter is time for gratitude.  Making family and friends happy with your cooking or the gift of baked goods, pies, cookies, and more creates good times and memories.  Surrounding ourselves with people that like to laugh, are genuine, and enjoy food too is always a good thing.  Certainly, apple pie is a genuine gift of cookery.

This is the apple pie I made this week.  The recipe includes the best quality ingredients and a time-tested flaky crust.  If you are making your own pies or purchasing pies for loved ones, the ingredients matter.  The process of making pie is also important to ensure the pies are made well and taste delectable.  The dough must be formed and rolled evenly into two rounds and perfectly transferred into the pie dish.  The filling must be thoughtfully mixed.  The top dough must successfully crown the pie to ensure the filling is contained.  At the end, the pie must be baked and watched with care.

As Marion Cunningham declared, the art and science of cookery is a creative endeavor.  Baking and cooking pies or other goods for family and friends is also fun and an excellent way to demonstrate gratitude.  Thank you to all those that have been loyal supporters and fans.  My business originated when I started selling homemade chocolates around age 10.  Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven liberates taste in cookery, culture, and community, provides gourmet goods made with organic ingredients, inspired by the culinary worlds of California, Central, and South America, and engages in a community of customers and readers with lifestyle content, reviews, and expertise.

Bake Pies, Make People Happy!

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