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Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern: A Celebration of American Fare

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern:  A Celebration of American Fare

The challenge of dining out is the over-saturation of the beige, ubiquitous, en-masse produced food across the country.  Our conversation of eating out follows along these lines.

“Honey, where do you want to eat tonight?”
“How about Blue Bird?”
“No, we ate there last week and last month with Mike and Carol.”
“We dined there twice in the past week.”
“Hmmm, then where?”

Fear not.  Here is where my expert knowledge of cooking, restaurants, and trusted expertise comes in handy.  Many readers rely on Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven as a source for how-to and where-to regarding cookery, culture, and community.  We all know dining out should be an excellent experience.  Let an enjoyable experience at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern be your escape from the ho-hum.

“In a country so rich in differing food traditions our approach is in a creative take on American regional classics.  Our menu features popular regional dishes from around the country but approaches them from an ‘Artisanal’ point of view.  ‘Artisanal cooking’ refers to food that is freshly prepared, hand crafted, in small batches, using high quality ingredients, and employing traditional methods. It reflects a devotion to detail and a reverence for the freshest ingredients, simple presentations, and an inspired blend of tradition and creativity. Everything begins with only the best ingredients prepared from scratch daily.  At Jimmy’s we embrace the philosophy of utilizing locally raised (if it’s the best available), organic, and sustainable food products whenever possible and we strive to partner with growers, farmers, and fisherman who adhere to these same principles.”

The creator of French 75 in Laguna Beach, California and El Torito Grille is the man behind Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern.  David Wilhelm presents the best in American pub food, including such regional stars as Dueling Southern Dips, Certified Angus Beef and Black Bean Chili, and Pacific Red Snapper.  JFAT’S is designed with a large bar, seating area, and outdoor patio with a fireplace.  A terrific social environment for a guys' night out, families, or fun double date.   The establishment certainly provides a much desired option for the neighborhood.  

It was a pleasure to have a personal tasting provided by JFAT’S chef.  The restaurant is located in a hot spot for shopping, has wall length windows, an open ceiling, and an attentive staff.  The servers quickly greeted me and got me seated upon my arrival.  Throughout my meal the waiter was friendly, perceptive about the menu, and understood my tastes.  The freshly prepared Certified Angus Beef and Black Bean Chili is thick enough for a spoon to stand up in it, the crispy, curly cellentani macaroni and cheese is smokey and buttery, the fried chicken is tender, and the Bananageddeon is beautifully topped with whipped cream, caramel, and a cookie.  A perfect mix of fresh cut banana and ice cream.

The service and restaurant environment at JFAT’S consistently presents the founder’s point-of-view of American cuisine.  For example, the charred Brussels sprouts with applewood bacon, pine nuts and maple syrup was an excellent suggestion.  A sharable item.  The Brussels sprouts on the top of the bowl are nicely roasted.  While the Brussels sprouts on the bottom soak up all the goodness of the maple syrup.  An item that will keep your interest.  Jimmy’s is the place if you have an appetite.  Passing around plates with friends is ideal here.  That will save on the time in the gym before or after dining.

If you are an intrepid diner or simply looking for a restaurant dedicated to creating a higher level of regional American food, then JFAT’S is for you.  Clearly, the house-made bacon, dips, and chips hold the attention of patrons.  Go with an appetite or share dishes, because you will want to order more than one appetizer, main dish, or side item.  Both the chef and waiter explained to me the quality and thought that goes into the menu items. 

A flight of beer is ideal to drink with this American cuisine.  JFAT’S Blonde is a lighter flavored beer that is nice to drink with a salad or other appetizer.  This German ale has crisp mild flavors of citrus and honey.  Next, the Bootlegger’s Far Out India Pale Ale (IPA) is a California brewed beer made with Australian hops that provides a medium-light body with tropical fruit notes.  Ellie's Brown Ale by the Avery Brewing Company is an excellent choice of drink with a main dish.  Ellie’s is an American ale with a brown caramel color, chocolate, and vanilla notes.  Lastly, the Modern Times Black House Stout has a dark coffee color and flavors along the lines of a bitter chocolate or mocha latte.


My Recommendations

1.  The restaurant is located at 3325 East Imperial Highway, Brea, California 92823.  This location is adjacent to the amphitheater within the Village at La Floresta Center.  The space is a walkable distance from several local stores and a drivable distance from local colleges, businesses, museums, and theaters.  There is a large parking lot in the shopping center.

2.  The ample main dining room provides an excellent view of the bar and outdoor patio.  Peak times occur on weekends and during sporting events.  Make reservations to ensure a table.

3.  Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern has a bounty of desirable menu items for brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner.  The following were my favorites. 

Charred Brussels SproutsApplewood Bacon, Pine nuts and Maple Syrup (Serves two or more for sure.)

‘Bananageddeon’ – Fresh Bananas, Vanilla Pastry Cream, Pecan Blondie Crumbles, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Salty Caramel Sauce, Candied Pecans and Whipped Cream (Serves 2 or definitely more.)

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Disclaimer:  The restaurant in this review has given the reviewer complimentary food and drink. This has in no way influenced the reviewer’s opinion.  Quality and content is the standard.

Credit:  http://j-fat .com/, https://www.facebook. com/VillageatLaFloresta/

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