The Viceroy: Whist Restaurant, Cameo Bar, and Chris Crary Review by Jesse Bluma

The Viceroy:  Whist Restaurant, Cameo Bar, and Chris Crary

*Update:  Whist closed and is now Cast.

Tired of the same old places? Check out the fun at Viceroy in Santa Monica, California. I 
recently went and 
found excellent drinks, great 
food, and a good crowd. Cameo Bar is located off the lobby and wraps around to the pool 
area and to Whist.  
Whist's Chef de Cuisine is Chris Crary.

My recommendations:

Flatbread with pesto, roasted mushroom, and goat cheese--a good crispy twist on a popular 

Artisan cheese selection a selection of five fruit and nut bread housemade condiments.

Both of these food items are good to share with a group as you gather around the center 
table for drinks in the bar, they are also served in the restaurant.  

Moonshine Mule: This cocktail builds off the now popular Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule 
was something I 
ordered for a long time at places, yet no one knew how to make it. Now it is enjoying a 
renaissance. This 
version is made with original moonshine, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime juice, and agave. A good drink to 

Hemingway Special: A drink befitting the setting made with grapefruit juice, rum, lime 
juice, and Luxardo maraschino liqueur.

Special Notes

Valet and street parking is available. If you arrive by 8:00 P.M. you can probably find 
parking on the street. 
The restrooms are located near the fron entrance, next to the hotel check-in desks.  
Make reservations for Whist in advance.  
Arrive to Cameo before 9:00 P.M. for better seating and avoid the velvet rope.  
The drinks are on the pricey side, although sometimes paying a bit more is worth it.

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