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What to do in a Community Conflict

What to do in a Community Conflict

In case you do not wish to watch the video here is a brief summary by Chelsea Schilling, a commentary editor and staff writer for WND:  "Hundreds chant...while hurling urine, eggs, bottles, concrete.”

Warning:  This video contains strong language and violence.

It is important in circumstances like these to be reasonable, responsible, and look at the large picture.  Important questions to consider if you find yourself in a similar event.

What is proper to do in a situation like the one in the video?

How should you respond?

What should you say and not say?

Whom should you contact?

What other actions could have been taken?

Is there a lesson in all of this to learn?

Emotions run strong in public discourse.  It is important for all parties to make good choices and follow the Golden Rule.  Also important is paying attention to these stories and following them through the legal system.  Getting all the facts and information is essential.  Contact your local police, fire, and emergency service authorities.

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