How to Create Image Match Games for Better Learning by Jesse Bluma

How to Create Image Match Games for Better Learning

I want you to make cookies, a mole', or tomato, corn, and avocado salad with only written directions.  No pictures.  No diagrams.  No video.  How well could you successfully create the dish?

It is key to provide a variety of materials, images, and experiences to increase your learning, no matter if it is learning to cook, learning history, employee training, or anything else.  A diversity of readings, photos, videos, games, and spiraled repetition supports learning and discovery.  Keep this in mind when attempting to learn something and when planning to assist others.       

Education, learning, and discovery is vital to our personal growth and more.  As Thomas Jefferson stated, "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."

We remember and understand better when we see images of concepts, people, places, and ideas.  Tables, plots, maps, art, and videos increase our understanding and create new connections within our thinking.  This gives us the ability to group information, link to prior knowledge and skills, and better recall the information later.  

A match game is an excellent tool to increase understanding and provide better instruction.  A match game can be made for any topic, idea, or skill, including cooking, writing genres, safety, holidays, religious lessons, etc.  This is a fun way for teachers, parents, employers, and others to review items with their students, children, or employees.    

How To

Create an image match game by first providing a few picture clues of the topic and/or related to the topic.  Then provide four to five possible answers with the possibility of multiple correct answers.  Double check the answer(s) are correct.  Next, provide the correct answers for each.  Discussion is also key to reanalyze the images and understand the correct answer(s).  See "Match Game:  Medieval China, Japan, and Europe".

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