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Villa Blanca Restaurant Review by Jesse Bluma

Villa Blanca Restaurant Review

“Welcome to the Villa Blanca Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Our stylish restaurant serves Italian, Mediterranean and Asian food, and is perfect for a romantic meal or lunch.”

The owners are Lisa Vanderpump-Todd and Ken Todd, husband and wife.  Also of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Francis Dimitrius is the executive chef of Villa Blanca.  He attended Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California.  Francis also appeared as a contestant on Extreme Chef.  The program's concept is to award the remaining chef a prize after a series of bold and tough challenges, such as cooking in the desert or beach.


1.  The restaurant is located on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills.  Public parking is located within a few minute walk of the restaurant.  Valet is also available.  On busy nights consider taking a taxi or car service.  

2.  Peak times occur during week days and nights, especially weekend nights.  You may wish to visit for brunch or lunch as soon as they open on a weekend.  Make reservations.  

3.  Enjoy the seating to the right as you enter the restaurant.  The seating on the right gives you sites of Beverly Hills on the corner of Brighton Way and North Camden Drive.

4.  Each time I have dined at Villa Blanca I have enjoyed the meals.  

Salad Dimitrius:  Greek salad with feta, fresh tomatoes, romaine, avocadoPersian cucumber, Kalamata olives, red onion, and assorted bell peppers with the chef’s Greek dressing.

Farfalle (bow-tie pasta) Carbonara:  prosciutto and peas in a light cream sauce.

Roasted Chicken Flatbread Sandwich:  maple cured bacon, avocado, spinachFrench feta, and pesto aioli (a sauce typically created with olive oil).

Seared Ahi Tuna with a ginger-miso reduction, complemented by Beluga Lentils and grilled asparagus

5.  Afterwards you may wish to walk through Beverly Hills, enjoy some of the shops, sites, and people watching on Rodeo Drive.
Villa Blanca Restaurant is located at 9601 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

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Tune in to Jillian Barberie and John Phillips

Tune in to Jillian Barberie and John Phillips

"Jillian Barberie and John Phillips make your 'Drive Home' a whole lot of fun with all the day's top stories whether it be political news or entertainment news.  Listen live from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M/ on 790 KABC."

Tune in to my friend and former classmate John Phillips' radio show.  Johnny always has excellent stories to share with a sense of humor.  He earned a magna cum laude degree in Political Science from California State University, Fullerton and Master degree in American Politics from Claremont Graduate University.

Johnny also happens to be the youngest broadcaster to ever have a national program.  He knows radio, he knows politics, and he knows how to laugh.  His co-host, Jillian Barberie, previously worked on Good Day LA and the Fox NFL Pre-Game Show.

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Private Cooking and Baking by Jesse Bluma

Private Cooking and Baking by Jesse Bluma 

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  A private cooking experience includes a collaboration, discussion, and approval of menu items, such as Baked Goods, Latin, Italian, Vegetarian, Sports Nutrition, and Holistic.  After menu item approval groceries will be purchased and the meal prepared in your home.  

This in-home experience allows for family dining time, customized meals, and an excellent time with food.

 For the best experience here are a few tips and reminders.

First, it is important to communicate what you are looking for, what you don't like, and ideas you have seen.  Good communication, especially good listening, is key to a successful experience.

Next, it is essential we discuss the mood, feeling, and what you envision.  Formal, beachy elegant, Latin, et cetera.

After committing to a concept a price point will be determined based upon the number of items and other necessities.

Thank you,

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The Spotlight Campaign: Great Sports and Athletes by Jesse Bluma

The Spotlight Campaign 


 Our ideas, our creations, our spirit, and our great actions have always been key.  I know what it’s like to create something, the hard work it takes to accomplish goals, and to stand with others.  I know with my readers we share an elevated approach to food, information, and inspiration.  Liberating food and taste is the mission.  It is a holistic approach to living well and freeing our taste in food and much more.  Pointe Viven reflects my spirit and its clients.  It is a dynamic community of liberating food and taste.

 Over the years it has been terrific to meet, spotlight, and feature certain creators, doers, and inspirational figures.  I know no matter where I am, where I visit, and with whom I meet I will learn something and be re-energized by their endeavors.  Each month join me in spotlighting the famous, the not so famous, the local celebrities, and those you believe have earned a thank you, a congratulations, and the recognition.  

Each month a new theme will be chosen, so be thinking of those people you know exhibit the traits.  Often the trait is something not so measurable, rather it is shown through the mundane, certain instances, and moments that surprise you.  This is your opportunity to join me and take part in the campaign.

In January we celebrated great artisans and craftsmen in furniture, food, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, and more.  Those individuals making great strides in liberating their lives and the lives of others in all kinds of ways through their work.  The great experts that utilize natural materials and are significant to keeping alive handwork and the market economy.  

February:  This month we are spotlighting great sports and athletes.  We are looking for those with outstanding sportsmanship, talent, and aspirations.  Those individuals making great strides in liberating their lives and the lives of others in the way they work and play.  Tell us the person you wish to spotlight and why.

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My Cake Showcased in the LA Times: Weekend Eats

My Cake Showcased in the LA Times:  Weekend Eats

Weekends.  Cake.  Combine the two.  So good!  

I thought I would share my craveable cake showcased in the LA Times.  These cakes have a buttery texture and are sure to please as a gift, brunch treat, or addition to any dessert bar.  A delicious Italian twist on the traditional South American treat.

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