Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern: Vibrant and Famous for Good Reason

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern:  Vibrant and Famous for Good Reason

My friends and I are always in the mood to sip beer and eat spicy ahi poke at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern.  The restaurant is located in a hot spot within the coastal town of Santa Monica.  JFAT’S is steps away from the beach, entertainment, and outdoor activities.  Perfect for brunch, lunch, and dinner.  The handsomely casual restaurant features large windows, an open ceiling, outdoor dining, and an attentive staff.  A terrific social environment for a guys' night out, families, or a fun double date. 

“In a country so rich in differing food traditions our approach is in a creative take on American regional classics.  Our menu features popular regional dishes from around the country but approaches them from an ‘Artisanal’ point of view.  ‘Artisanal cooking’ refers to food that is freshly prepared, hand crafted, in small batches, using high quality ingredients, and employing traditional methods. 

It reflects a devotion to detail and a reverence for the freshest ingredients, simple presentations, and an inspired blend of tradition and creativity. Everything begins with only the best ingredients prepared from scratch daily.  At Jimmy’s we embrace the philosophy of utilizing locally raised (if it’s the best available), organic, and sustainable food products whenever possible and we strive to partner with growers, farmers, and fisherman who adhere to these same principles.”  Jimmy’s presents the best in American pub food, including such regional stars as Dueling Southern Dips, Certified Angus Beef and Black Bean Chili, and Pacific Red Snapper.

The menu is consistent with the founder’s point-of-view of American cuisine.  For example, the charred Brussels sprouts with applewood bacon, pine nuts and maple syrup was excellent.  A fun sharable item.  The Brussels sprouts on the top of the bowl are nicely roasted.  While the Brussels sprouts on the bottom soak up all the goodness of the maple syrup.  An item that will keep your interest.  Passing around plates with friends is ideal here. 

JFAT’S Blonde is a lighter flavored beer that is nice to drink with a salad or other appetizer.  This German ale has crisp mild flavors of citrus and honey.  Also of interest on the drinks menu is Bootlegger’s Far Out India Pale Ale (IPA), Ellie’s Brown Ale, and the Modern Times Black House Stout.  Additionally, there is an ample selection of wines available on the menu.  The Hess Chardonnay is a good choice to pair with the spicy appetizers and main dishes.  Chardonnay, Hess is produced in the Salinas Valley of California and has a crisp, slightly tropical and bright flavor.

My Recommendations

1.  The restaurant is located at 1733 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401.  The location is a short distance from local stores, the beach, businesses, and theaters.  There is an adjacent public parking structure.  Park on the first floor of the parking structure and walk up to the restaurant.  Avoid the elevator as that will take you out of your way from JFAT’S. 

2.  The main dining room provides a view of the bar and outdoor patio.  Peak times occur on weekends and during sporting events.  Make reservations to ensure a table.

3.  Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern has a bounty of desirable menu items for brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner.  The following were our favorites. 

JFAT’S Blonde Beer

Spicy Ahi Poke – Avocado, Scallions, Yuzu, Serranos, Papaya, Sesame, Crispy Wontons 

Charred Brussels Sprouts – Applewood Bacon, Pine nuts and Maple Syrup (Serves two or more for sure.)

Spice Crusted Seared Ahi Salas – Napa, Cabbage, Carrots, Papaya, Red Onions, Avocado, Yuzu-Sesame Vinaigrette 

Santa Fe Honey-Poblano Pesto Flatbread – Grilled Chicken, Roasted Corn, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Avocado, Pecans

Bourbon-Chipotle BBQ Baby Back Ribs – Cheddar-JalapeƱo Potatoes, Baked Beans, Honey-Mustard Coleslaw, Cornbread

Southern Fried Chicken Breast with garlic mashed potatoes, thyme gravy, and green beans

(Left:  Jesse Bluma, Center:  Mary Naegele, Right:  Chris La Cava, General Manager)

Visit Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern at j-fat.com.

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Disclaimer:  The restaurant in this review has given the reviewer complimentary food and drink. This has in no way influenced the reviewer’s opinion.  Quality and content is the standard.

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Fashion Portfolio: Your Guide to Vintage Menswear by Jesse Bluma

In life we may not become famous, infamous, or blockbusters. We do; however, have the power to become something more than those labels.  It is our savvy and confidence that allows us to rise above and experience living life with good taste.  Our travels, life experiences, and dreams are snapshots on the runway of our lives.  There is no better place than the now to make the best strides down that runway.  This is your epic, your life, so choose the label you wear wisely.

Knowing what to wear and how to wear it is a powerful skill.  Some readers are at an advanced level and have a personal style.  Some will go on to experiment with clothes, trends, and brands.  While others may be too intrepid to wear anything besides t-shirts and shorts.  Once you conquer the clothing world and develop a lifelong interest in dressing right, you will feel more inspired to shop and enjoy your home, social, and business life.

Not sure?  No need to be scared of labels, black-ties, white-ties, button-downs, or bespoke clothing.  Here is where expert knowledge and trusted expertise comes in handy.  Many readers rely on Jesse Bluma at Pointe Viven as their go-to source.  Let an enjoyable experience with these fashion recipes be your start.  If you are more advanced and comfortable with fashion items, share your ideas, purchases, and suggestions.

What we wear is powerful and attitude matters.  Remind yourself again:  You deserve to live well and be well.  Creating a closet of items right for you, along with excellent fitness, health, and life habits, is all an expression of how you respect yourself.  Knowing what to wear and executing fashion looks can be a challenge.  The guidelines, inspirations, and ideas in this article will spark your interest and get you wearing more than the same three items over-and-over.  As the notable custom tailor Alan Flusser observed, “A necktie’s motif, or pattern, expresses the poetry, the sense of whimsy, the psychology of the individual wearer.” 
Models.  The images we see in ads, movies, and media can influence our goals and perceptions.  Keep in mind the people in those professions spend a lot of time and have a lot of time to look their best.  Or computer graphics best.  Rather than focusing on images in media, focus on what is the right fit, look, and use of clothes for you.  As I learned from fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, fashion is about what is trending in stores and style is more about your own personality.  Take a moment to reflect upon good fashion sense, your life, needs, and goals.  That will be the center of what gets you fashion fit.  Structure your closet and drawers with options for your various activities, career, the climate you live in, and seasons. 

The Wardrobe Essentials.  It is key to make clothing selections with a long-term frame of mind.  Quality construction and timeless pieces are sharp and financially smart choices.  Know your measurements and proportions.  Take a look in the mirror to see what cuts, colors, shapes, and lengths are best for you.  There is a learning curve for going from being dressed by mom to dressing yourself, for your current physique, current life, and adventures.  Calvin Klein, business mogul and designer, once explained to me at a fashion show that what people wear should be modern, clean, and make them look their best.  Personal responsibility is at the heart of dressing well.  Study magazines, people in the streets, in school, models, and actors in your age range.  Also, seek out knowledgeable salespeople in stores and vintage shops.

Fashion Portfolio: Your Guide to Vintage Men’s Wear

Vintage is a culmination of classics, past memories, and nostalgia.  These second-hand items can be discovered at flea markets, through online stores, and in the closets of relatives.  Worn denim, archetypal flannels, retro ties, and spiffy shoes from days of old can be hunted down and stumbled upon with a bit of shopping.  Although, apparel that is authentically vintage can be challenging to find and often too bedraggled to wear.  

There is a diverse universe of clothing from past eras that can be purchased, worn, transformed, and made into investment pieces for your wardrobe.  If the  pursuit for well constructed classics has unearthed previously owned items you wish to wear, then tailoring is the next step.  Collectible jackets, pants, and suits require tailoring to fit your body shape and to bring these items up to modern luxe standards.  Yet, if the ghost of grandpa’s plaid jacket of past eludes you, then purchasing new clothing with vintage style is an excellent alternative.  

Create the Look for Yourself

Coats and Blazers

Jackets and Suits

Pants and Jeans

Shorts and Swim Trunks





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